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People & Planet – How Comet is exploring for better

Expanding horizons and growing together.

Over and over again in the past 75 years, Comet has reinvented itself and expanded the boundaries of technology. What has made this possible is the explorer mindset of Comet’s people. Our shared curiosity and perpetual search for what is better will continue to guide us in the future.

75 years of the spirit of discovery at Comet

Over our 75-year history, the world has changed dramatically. But through inquisitive research, and with courage and perseverance, Comet has succeeded time and again in reinventing itself, shifting the boundaries of technology and succeeding through innovation. This would not have been possible without our deep conviction that, with innovative technologies, we can make a better future. Reflecting this, the motto for our anniversary year is “75 years exploring for better”.


“Curiosity is the driving force for me to engage with the new and unknown.”

Mareike Töpperwien

Senior CT Technology Developer, Hamburg, Germany


At Comet, we also want to take this explorer mentality into the future: curious, open to new things, and courageous.

But what does it mean to be an “explorer” in the 21st century? For the explorer Bertrand Piccard, it means being someone who does not simply accept the status quo, someone who wants to understand and improve things. To Piccard, it’s about exploring new ways of acting and thinking. And it is curiosity that drives explorers (Breaking the rules, for a better future.).

Curiosity as a Comet superpower

So where do you find this explorer mentality at Comet? Comet would not exist without employees who, thirsty for knowledge, want to understand and improve technology, team members who are curious to take in the perspectives of others in order to overcome challenges together, but also employees who question that which is and want to improve Comet as an organization and make it more sustainable.


“The best part of my work is knowing that we’re making a difference, that we’re driving technology forward and solving real-world industry problems.”

Anton du Plessis

Head of Sales Europe, Dragonfly Solutions, Canada

“Curiosity is the driving force for me to engage with the new and unknown. It makes me try things without having thought everything through completely beforehand. And sometimes that’s what leads to new discoveries that help solve particular problems,” says Mareike Töpperwien, Senior CT Technology Developer at Comet X-Ray Systems. “Comet gives me the opportunity to research innovative solutions to specific customer problems, like new scan types for better visualization of the smallest structures, or new algorithms for image enhancement. The advanced equipment available to me, such as the latest-generation CT systems, helps a lot. And even more importantly, I am surrounded by many bright and curious colleagues who support me and inspire me with new ideas.”

“When we want to push outward on the limits of what is technologically possible, that’s 100% driven by curiosity,” notes Anton du Plessis, Head of Sales Europe, Object Research Systems. “I originally come from an academic research background. Working at Comet has allowed me to immerse myself in the industrial and commercial application of technology. Recently I moved into sales, so I work even more closely with our customers,” du Plessis continues. “The best part of this work is knowing that we’re making a difference, that we’re driving technology forward and solving real-world industry problems.”

Space to expand horizons and grow

Comet wants to continue to be a magnet for people who are curious and who, together, want to shape the future with our innovative technologies.

In our anniversary year of 2023, we not only want to create an environment in which our employees can live out their curiosity, but are also interested in questions that employees might have for us. “Our promise as an employer is simple: It starts with curiosity. With curiosity as a “superpower”, our employees find room to grow as individuals and as part of Comet,” says Catherine MacGillivray-Prantl, Global Head of Talent Management & Culture.

At Comet, we are curious. Are you?