Statement of the CEO



“Sustainability is key to our future success”

Stephan Haferl

Chief Executive Officer

Comet does business in a responsible and sustainable manner: This is part of our ethics, our strategy and our value proposition for customers, investors, and employees, as we continue our transformation into a high-performing organization. Green power sourcing, resource conservation, solidarity with those in need, support for educational projects, respect for equality and diversity – these have been practiced at Comet for many years. But we want to do more. To fully live up to our responsibility as a corporate member of society, we are tackling these issues in a structured way and on a global scale. On the way to a future that is worth living for the next generations, we want to systematically improve.

In this Sustainability Report 2022, we talk about value creation, innovation, and the progress we have made in the areas of environmental and social matters and corporate and sustainability governance. In addition, we provide insight into our understanding of successful implementation and cultivation of sustainability in the company. In the long term, sustainability can only be successful if all employees are fully committed to it. Integrating sustainability into the business strategy and the corporate culture is key for our future success. This includes using future-proof, measurable sustainability criteria to create value that goes beyond shareholder returns, and systematically improving our environmental, social and governance performance. This is what we are working toward.