Group structure and shareholders

Structure of the operating activities of the Comet Group

Comet Holding AG is a stock corporation with limited liability under Swiss corporate law. It is registered with the commercial register of the Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland under company registration number CHE–101.348.386. The registered office of Comet Holding AG is located at Herrengasse 10, 3175 Flamatt, Switzerland. Business operations are conducted through the group of companies listed in note 2 of the separate financial statements of Comet Holding AG. All companies are wholly owned by Comet Holding AG.

The Group’s commercial activities are divided into three divisions: Plasma Control Technologies (PCT), X-Ray Systems (IXS) and Industrial X-Ray Modules (IXM). Financial reporting is segmented along these divisional lines. The financial data for the individual divisions is found in the segment reporting within the notes to the consolidated financial statements (note 4, “Segment reporting”).

Listed Group company: Comet Holding AG

Comet Holding AG is the Group’s only company listed on a stock exchange. The registered shares have been listed in the main market segment of the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich, Switzerland, since December 17, 2002 (ISIN no. CH0360826991). The closing share price on December 31, 2022 was CHF 195.80 (prior year: CHF 336.50), which resulted in a market capitalization of CHF 1,522.1 million (prior year: CHF 2,614.4 million). Further information is provided in note 4, “Listing and shareholders” of the separate financial statements of Comet Holding AG and in the section “Information for investors” in the management report.

At December 31, 2022, Comet Holding AG had 7,053 voting shareholders of record (i.e., voting shareholders registered in the share register; prior year: 6,206). Of the total issued registered stock, 100% (prior year: 100%) represented free float. Comet Holding AG thus held no treasury stock at December 31, 2022 (prior year: nil). Information on the ownership structure and significant shareholders is disclosed in the separate financial statements of Comet Holding AG in note 4, “Listing and shareholders”. Disclosure notifications of significant shareholdings in Comet Holding AG that were filed with Comet Holding AG and SIX Swiss Exchange are available from the online publication platform of the SIX Swiss Exchange through the following database search page: https://www.ser-ag.com/en/resources/notifications-market-participants/significant-shareholders.html#/.

At December 31, 2022, Comet Holding AG had no cross-shareholdings with other publicly traded companies (prior year: nil).