Sustainability at Comet

Targets and priorities for 2023


On our journey to achieving net zero in the long term, we set our first climate-related targets in 2022. Over time, based on our array of action steps, we will develop further targets that will help us monitor the effectiveness of our efforts and measures to reach net-zero by 2050 at the latest.



For 2023 we have defined four priorities to progress in our CO2 emission reduction efforts and improve our processes to further enhance transparency in terms of the quality of our sustainability reporting:

1. Take the next steps in our climate roadmap

2. Establish a vigorous and effective ESG organization

3. Improve data collection processes, data quality and data validation

4. Initiate the first steps toward compliance with the TCFD framework: governance, strategy, risk management as well as metrics and targets.

Following this plan, we will incrementally improve our GHG footprint and contribute to the world’s pursuit of the ambitious targets set in the Paris Agreement in 2015.