Purpose and business model


How we generate value and contribute to a world that is good to live in

As a trailblazing, leading tech company in radio frequency power and x-ray technology, we make a growing contribution to a safer, more efficient, and sustainable world of manufacturing, communication, and mobility.

Our high-tech products and services create value for countless people. Part of this value comes from our setting goals that go beyond shareholder returns. In everything we do, we aim to balance economic, environmental, and social aspects to support a sustainable future alongside profitable long-term growth.

As a close and trusted partner to our customers, we expect to:

Our ESG program serves as a compass for managing our environmental footprint, taking responsibility for our employees and satisfying the highest standards of compliance and governance. Our focus is on the long term.

We strongly believe that in a world of finite resources, innovation improves all our lives.

The resources we draw on


  • Implement roadmap for efficiency gains and renewable energy use
  • Enforce sustainability through supplier selection

As a manufacturing company, we depend on a reliable supply of energy and raw materials. Wherever possible, we procure electricity from renewable sources such as hydropower, solar or wind energy. When procuring raw materials, we work with suppliers who can provide us with information about the origin of their products and who are interested in long-term business relationships. In our own production sites around the world, we are always working to keep our processes and facilities up to date in order to continuously improve production efficiency and thus reduce material and energy consumption.


  • Build customer relationships and cocreation capabilities
  • Invest in people, culture and values
  • Engage in communities

As a corporate citizen, we are aware of our responsibility in a world with ever more people and limited resources. Qualified employees with a high level of commitment are central to our past and future success. That is why we invest in a corporate culture that is based on customer orientation, on empowering people and on trustful collaboration in all that we do.


  • Monitor and train adherence to Code of Conduct and ethical principles
  • Embed regulatory standards in operations

The individual behavior of all of us – how we interact with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and all other stakeholders –determines our success as a company. The values and principles of the Code of Conduct developed in 2020 form the foundation of our corporate culture and the basis for all our actions and decisions.


  • Maintain access to capital
  • Achieve high brand recognition
  • Make targeted investments

We invest a high proportion of our profit in targeted long-term and sustainable growth. Access to sufficient equity and debt capital is ensured thanks to our company’s balanced and conservative financial policy. Operating from this position of financial strength, we have consistently delivered value for our stakeholders over the past decades. Our success story is reflected in high awareness of the Comet brand among customers and competitors.

How we create value

As a pioneering and leading technology company in radio frequency power and x-ray technology, we are making a growing contribution to a safer, more efficient, and more sustainable world in industrial production, communications, and mobility. We are the high-tech company of choice for all those who are actively shaping the future and an employer for all who want to get involved, make a difference, and explore new territory. We are committed to continuously developing our four core competencies of operational excellence, technology leadership, customer relationships and employee engagement. With our forward-looking technologies, we are a preferred partner to the most innovative companies in our markets. We stand for solutions and services that create high added value and sustainable progress. In pursuing our aims, we are guided by our long experience and keen spirit of discovery and innovation.

Led by experience. Driven by curiosity.

The outcome we achieve


  • Optimized efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Resilient and sustainable supply chain

The thoughtful use of energy and resources, the development of renewable energy sources, and a constant increase in efficiency throughout the entire value chain – with a focus on suppliers and production – together lead to a reduction in the emissions we cause. Systematic data collection will form the basis for developing a climate action roadmap, which is part of our objectives for fiscal year 2022.


  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Engaged, skilled and diversified workforce
  • Strengthened license to operate

Through our continual efforts, we create value for our employees, our customers and our communities worldwide. Our employees benefit from progressive working conditions, a well-managed occupational health and safety program and a culture based on trust. This creates the foundation for superior performance and thus a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, in many cases extending over years. Finally and importantly, we fulfill our social responsibility by supporting community projects and privately funded initiatives.


  • High standards of behavior
  • Full compliance with regulatory standards

Strict adherence to and full compliance with laws, policies and regulatory standards at the local, national and international level is an important asset on which our reputation is based. The ethical conduct of all individuals and partner organizations with whom we work also contributes to this. All internal and external stakeholders can rely on us to treat them fairly and ethically at all times.


  • Sustainable financing of growth strategy
  • Higher share of sales from semiconductor market
  • Higher returns
  • Capability to meet future customer needs

Thanks to our strong positioning, solid financial footing, secure access to capital and the successful implementation of our focus strategy, we are growing our business. Anticipating customer needs and investing in advance are key in helping customers succeed with our leading-edge technologies. Backed by the Group’s sustainable financing, we will continue to fulfill these activities in the long term and thus add value for all stakeholders.

The impact of our actions


We provide stable and fair work for staff at all Comet locations worldwide

Decent work and economic growth: Our technologies are at the heart of digitalization. As a company with a long teaching tradition, we support dozens of apprentices, trainees and young professionals and help pave their road to success. By doing this, we actively contribute to economic growth, as these young talents become crucial for developing our innovative products that play a vital role in the digitalization of society.


Through innovation we contribute to a sustainable infrastructure

Industry, innovation and infrastructure: As a critical supplier and partner to the semiconductor/electronics industry as well as to the automotive, aerospace and security market, we are co-creating with our customers to develop the innovative solutions that provide sustainable progress and improve safety, security and quality of life for people everywhere.


We satisfy customer standards through binding supplier standards

Responsible consumption and production: We reject the ruthless pursuit of profit at the expense of the environment and society. We strive for a balance between economic, environmental, and social goals by training and sensitizing our employees worldwide to environmental and social aspects, and also involving customers, suppliers and other interest groups.


We contribute to emission reduction and the efficient use of energy

Climate action: We are committed to actively addressing climate change and contributing to the climate goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To this end, we plan to develop and implement a climate action roadmap for Comet.