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Technologies at the heart of critical manufacturing processes.

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Technology is evolving rapidly, and with each generation, the pace accelerates.

Exciting developments such as artificial intelligence (AI) drive growing demand for Comet solutions – we enable the manufacturing of essential building blocks of the digital world.

Radio frequency (RF) power technology

In recent years, technological advances such as the Internet of Things, big data and high-performance computing have greatly increased the need for computing power. Devices are becoming ever smaller, even as they must handle vastly more data. That means the electronics inside need to be more and more precise, reliable and powerful. Comet’s high-quality RF match networks, vacuum capacitors and RF generators are vital to the core process of microchip production, as they help to precisely control the activity in the plasma chamber.


Everywhere in the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries, components and parts are becoming progressively smaller, lighter and more complex. Yet they must function absolutely reliably, especially in safety-sensitive applications such as vehicles. This can be assured through rigorous quality inspection using x-rays. With its innovative, premium-quality x-ray sources and systems, as well as services that are increasingly based on data analysis and AI, Comet is making an important contribution to a safer world.



Our plasma control and x-ray technologies are used in critical production processes.

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