Sustainability at Comet

Strategy: the Comet way


For 75 years, we have been developing and producing innovative high-tech components and systems based on x-ray and radio frequency technology. Consistent alignment with global trends and developments was and is the basis of our success.

For Comet, sustainability is one of the central pillars of the high-performance organization we strive for, alongside technology leadership. That’s why our company has a tradition of engaging in causes and activities such as supporting the socially disadvantaged, pushing education for young people, promoting diversity, and generally reducing energy consumption and using sustainable energy sources. To further intensify these efforts, and to coordinate them even better within the company, we want to work on these fronts in a structured way at a global level. As a company that is aware of its social responsibility and is willing to shoulder it, we set long-term goals that we implement in small steps in the short term to become better every day.


Value creation beyond shareholder returns


Therefore, in 2021, we launched our formal Group-wide sustainability initiative to consolidate our diverse activities in the divisions, to record where we stand, and to report on what we are doing. Now, in this second Sustainability Report, we provide insight into the progress we made in 2022. But that’s not all. Ultimately, our aim is to use measurable sustainability criteria to create value beyond shareholder returns and to systematically improve our environmental, social, governance, and economic performance. This is what we are working toward. Our approach is to think big and look far ahead, but to progress gradually by completing one step of our journey at a time.

Sustainability has many facets, from climate protection to compliance with obligations and rules, to treating people well. To meet these extensive requirements, Comet has identified the following steps since setting up the sustainability program: 


Improving our sustainability performance step by step


We maintain a systematic yet pragmatic approach to sustainability. Alignment of the business strategy and the sustainability strategy with one another is one aspect. Sustainability is a priority for the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. Equally important for success is the integration of sustainability consciousness into the corporate culture so as to include and involve every employee. Sustainability goals can only be achieved if people in the company embrace them as being consistent with Comet’s core values and beliefs. To achieve this, we need to raise awareness in all employees that sustainability is pursued not just for the company’s sake, but as a guarantor of a future worth living for all of us. Accordingly, wherever possible, we encourage our employees – and provide opportunities – to engage in generating ideas and implementing them in a bottom-up approach. We are not driven by regulations and rankings as much as by the firm conviction that Comet’s long-term success is closely linked to sustainable business practices.