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Technologies – How Comet is enabling transformation

Comet steps up new product launches.

With innovative products, we help our customers work faster, more accurately and efficiently. Despite Covid-19, we made strides with our new products, successfully launching future growth drivers.

The primary focus is on solutions for customers in the semiconductor and electronics market. But Comet also has new offerings for the automotive, security and aerospace markets.



Launched in 2020


Module for x-ray inspection in the automotive and aerospace sectors, especially for additively manufactured parts

The iXRS-225MF is Comet’s ideal module for non-destructive examination of parts with large differences in material thickness, such as additively manufactured parts, carbon fiber materials, castings and battery packs.



Launched in 2020


For security inspection at airports and cargo scanning at airports, borders and ports

In the ION 300F, Comet offers an extremely precise and accurate x-ray system that is perfect for identifying and differentiating between materials.



Beta testing in 2020, launched in January 2021


For x-ray inspection in the electronics sector

The Xplorer series of microfocus x-ray tubes is designed to inspect small objects and reveal the interior of components. Their high reliability makes these integrated modules suitable for in-line inspection of batteries, printed circuit board assemblies, sensors and integrated circuits.



In testing

RF generator

Generator for high-precision radio frequency power supply in plasma chambers used for the fabrication of microchips in the semiconductor market

Ultra-fast control of plasma is critical to ensure maximum process stability in semiconductor manufacturing. Machine-learning-assisted data management helps overcome technological barriers. With the new RF generator, Comet is responding to this exact need. Initial tests were successful and the next testing stage is taking place in 2021.



Launched in 2020


For the inspection of medium to large castings, such as in the aerospace and automotive industry

In the form of the UX20, Comet offers a particularly intuitive and easy-to-use x-ray system under the Yxlon brand that can be adapted to the specific needs of the user. Thanks to numerous presets and automated inspection reports, the system is easy to operate even without x-ray expertise.