Our strategic initiatives

Plasma Control Technologies (PCT)

Growing stronger.

Increase sales volume with existing customers, add new applications and heighten flexibility

X-Ray Modules (IXM)

Exploiting potential.

Expand the product portfolio to tap new, adjacent market segments

X-Ray Systems (IXS)


Focus on volume markets, standardized systems, and expansion of services that are based on artificial intelligence and machine/deep learning


Initiatives PCT

Boost growth.

Expand product portfolio

  • Launch of new RF generators
  • Vacuum capacitors with high power density
  • Intensify key account management
  • Win new Tier 2 customers
  • Strengthen presence in Asia

Boost efficiency.

  • Penang as strategic production site; allowing for capacity expansion for impedance matches
  • Best-cost supply chain management through the new site in Malaysia
  • Increase efficiency and flexibility of functional departments

Initiatives IXM

Boost growth.


  • Enter the semiconductor & electronics inspection market
  • Expand the components and modules portfolio with a focus on the core markets automotive and aerospace semiconductor & electronics inspection
  • New x-ray tubes and high voltage generator platforms for even more flexibility in designing the offering

Boost efficiency.

  • Best-cost supply chain management through the new site in Malaysia
  • Operational and business excellence through digitalization and more systematic application of lean approaches

Initiatives IXS

Boost growth.


  • Expand sales in the growth market of semiconductor & electronics (new sales office in Taiwan) and the volume markets of automotive and aerospace 
  • Expand digital services based on additional know-how after the acquisition of ORS, with a focus on in-line solutions for 24/7 uptime and on service excellence

Boost efficiency.

Standardize product hardware and software:

  • 15 standardized products instead of eight
  • One product software platform instead of six
  • Accelerated exit from one-off customized solutions through focus on product tailoring and integration



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