A more high-performing organization through Boost 

Comet aspires to become a high-performing, more flexible, faster company. Our ambition is to become a highly profitable CHF 1 billion company with clear share leadership in each of our served markets. To achieve this position, we must pool internal resources and strengthen the organization. For this purpose, in 2019, Comet launched the Boost improvement program, with the involvement of all staff. Despite Covid-19, Comet made important progress on the key thrusts of these initiatives. Under the CEO, Kevin Crofton, the three pillars “Boost growth”, “Boost efficiency” and “Boost culture” were reaffirmed.

Boost growth.

Product portfolio: The expansion of the product and service portfolio remains a central priority for Comet. Following the successful launch of new growth drivers such as UX 20, ION and Mesofocus, the focus is now on the vigorous marketing of these innovative products. After performing well in field tests in 2020, the new RF generator is in the beta testing phase and preparations have begun for the market launch with Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers. In addition, having acquired the Canadian software manufacturer ORS, we are focusing our efforts on the development of new digital services that help customers to increase their productivity.

Presence in Asia: A core task remains the further expansion in Asia. Already, more than 70% of the world’s RF power and x-ray products for the semiconductor industry are deployed in this high-growth region. In addition to the recently opened manufacturing site in Malaysia, we established and began to leverage the new sales, service and demonstration site in Taiwan and strengthen customer relationships in the area.

Boost efficiency.

Processes: In the wake of the substantial 2020 expansion of production capacity in Malaysia, Flamatt and Aachen, Comet’s top objectives are the continuous optimization of the supply chain at the global and local level, the elimination of duplications and unnecessary costs, the further automation of processes, the standardization of products and the implementation of lean measures.

Organization: Based on the organizational model honed in 2020, Comet will continue to work to further the concerted interplay between functions and regions worldwide in the spirit of business excellence.

Boost corporate culture.

Learning, developing, and empowering are central themes for Comet, especially when it comes to improved collaboration, customer focus, and speed. After very positive results from the leadership training begun in 2020 for 70 young talents and managers, the next round takes place in 2021. The program, delivered in partnership with the IMD business school in Lausanne, is being continued with further content and extended to all levels of management. Important benefits will include the dissemination of shared values and behaviors, in addition to the continuous and systematic identification and development of junior talent.

Comet technologies for a sustainable future

With Comet’s technologies, we are already ensuring that ever more powerful building blocks of the digital and analog world can be manufactured efficiently and in resource-saving ways. Our aim is to make a growing contribution to a safer, more efficient and more sustainable world of production, communication and mobility. We live in a globally networked society and see ourselves as part of a planet-wide community. To more systematically measure and improve our bottom line in environmental, social and governance terms, Comet has launched an ESG initiative in early 2021.