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People & Planet – How Comet is enabling transformation

Learning together and achieving our full potential.

In a rapidly changing world, employees and teams need much more freedom to experiment and adapt to new conditions more quickly. In this environment, learning is the key to success.

To realize our full potential, the Comet Group has launched the Boost program of corporate improvement initiatives. As one of these, we introduced a leadership program together with the IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland, under the slogan “Make it really happen”.


“It was amazing to see the great enthusiasm, openness and constructive spirit with which everyone got involved.”

Luigi Cornacchia

Global Head Human Resources Comet Group

Building a culture of collaboration and learning

About 70 managers and other promising individuals from all Comet Group locations worldwide participated in the “Comet Group Boost the Change” leadership program, developed specifically for Comet by the renowned IMD business school. Like so much in 2020, this program took place virtually.

“Under the unique circumstances of 2020, it was all the more amazing to see the great enthusiasm, energy and openness with which everyone actively engaged in the workshops from day one and animated the discussions with their contributions," remarks Luigi Cornacchia, Global Head Human Resources, Comet Group. A key focus of the program is on collaboration and interaction in teams. “The IMD program has shown us all the importance of working together hand in glove across all regions, countries and divisions and realizing the full potential of our organization in order to win in the increasingly fierce competition at the top.” 

Learning from each other, challenging one another, and growing and developing together are part of a successful corporate culture at all levels of the organization.

The IMD Leadership Program of 2020 was only the beginning. It will continue apace in 2021, taking up selected topics that we want to share with the entire organization and delving into them with all employees.


“Always ask customers about problems, not solutions.”

Karen Li

General Manager, Comet X-Ray, China

Focusing more squarely on customers

To thrive as a company not just today but tomorrow, we must above all meet the future needs of our customers.

That is why an important part of last year’s IMD program focused on taking an outside-in perspective, learning even more than before from customer insights and focusing more single-mindedly on what customers actually want and need.

“Always ask customers about problems, not solutions” was an important takeaway for Karen Li, General Manager, Comet X-Ray, China. “Only then can we proactively and rapidly develop innovations for our customers exactly where they find them most valuable.” Achieving all this requires nothing less than knowing our customers very well and working closely with them.


“We can really lay the groundwork here for creating lasting change in the culture of our organization.”

Noah Fredette

Director, Marketing and Sales, IXM USA

Into the passing lane with the common goal of a high-performance organization

In addition to the domain-specific “must-win battles”, i.e., the absolute priorities, the program also systematically made visible the common challenges and opportunities – a critical basis for becoming a truly high-performing organization.

“The IMD program gave me the opportunity to interact with many able and dedicated people in the organization,” says Noah Fredette, Director, Marketing and Sales, IXM USA. “What really energized me is the shared desire to become higher-performing as a group. It is exciting to lay the groundwork here for creating lasting change in our company’s culture and steering it in the right direction.”