Shareholders’ participation rights

Shareholders’ participation rights (such as rights with respect to voting), are set down in the Swiss Code of Obligations, and this legal framework is supplemented by provisions in the Bylaws of the Company. The Bylaws of Comet Holding AG, which have been adjusted to reflect the legal requirements under the OAEC, can be found on the Company’s website at https://www.comet-group.com/en/investors/downloads

Registration in the share register

In accordance with section 12 of the Bylaws, in the notice of the Shareholder Meeting the Board of Directors announces the record date (at which registration in the share register is required for participation in and voting at the meeting) and the details of the written and electronic proxies and instructions.

The share register is closed to new entries from then until and including the day of the Shareholder Meeting. No exception to this rule was made in the year under review nor at any previous Shareholder Meeting. Shareholders who sell their stock before the Shareholder Meeting are not entitled to vote the shares sold.

Voting rights restrictions

Each share that is registered carries one vote, subject to the provisions on nominee shareholders in section 5 of the Bylaws. The Board of Directors registers nominees as holding voting shares only up to a maximum of 5% of the capital stock recorded in the Swiss commercial register of companies.

Proxy voting

At the Annual Shareholder Meeting, the shareholders elect an independent proxy. The term of office of the independent proxy is one year, ending at the conclusion of the next Annual Shareholder Meeting. Re-election for consecutive terms is permitted.

The Board of Directors ensures that the shareholders have the ability to also use electronic means to authorize and instruct the independent proxy.

A shareholder may be represented at the Shareholder Meeting by the independent proxy, by the shareholder’s legal representative or – under a written power of attorney – by another shareholder entitled to vote. Powers of attorney and instructions may be given in writing or, to the independent proxy, may also be given electronically.

Quorums under the Bylaws

Except as otherwise required by law, the Shareholder Meeting passes resolutions and conducts its voting by an absolute majority of the votes represented, excluding blank or invalid ballots. A second round of voting, if any, is decided by a relative majority. The Bylaws of Comet Holding AG do not provide for resolutions that would require a different type of majority in order to be passed, with the exception of resolutions named in section 704 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Calling of the Shareholder Meeting

The Shareholder Meeting is called by the Board of Directors or, if necessary, by the independent auditors. Notice of the Shareholder Meeting is sent to the shareholders of record by mail at least 20 days before the meeting date.

Placing business on the Shareholder Meeting agenda

Shareholders’ requests under section 699 para. 3 of the Swiss Code of Obligations to place business on the Meeting agenda, and the actual shareholder proposal involved, must be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing no later than 35 days before the Shareholder Meeting in question.