To our shareholders

Comet enters the new decade stronger after a demanding year. We have sharpened our strategic focus, launched the Group-wide “Boost” improvement program and strengthened the core business.

Comet masters the challenges of a demanding year

A continued weak semiconductor market at the beginning of 2019, then a trend reversal and significant demand increase in the fourth quarter, requiring rapid ramp-up – Comet is reporting on a challenging year.

Plasma Control Technologies review

Despite market correction, the division Plasma Control Technologies maintained the investment in its forward-looking projects: the product portfolio expansion, and the structures, processes and facilities that make Comet more efficient, faster and more flexible.

X-Ray Modules review

Thanks to consistent cost management, X-Ray Modules increased its profit margin at EBITDA level to 27.8% despite a decline in sales.

X-Ray Systems review

The X-Ray Systems division in 2019 fully met the expectations placed in it: It rapidly put remedial measures into action and strongly improved its profitability from the weak previous year.

ebeam Technologies review

The prior year’s divestiture of the loss-making US systems business, combined with further measures to increase efficiency, had a positive impact in 2019.