ebeam Technologies

At ebeam, the prior year’s divestiture of the loss-making US systems business, combined with further measures to increase efficiency, had a positive impact in 2019. The division significantly reduced its cost base. Its EBITDA loss decreased from the prior year’s CHF 19.9 million to CHF 6.2 million. The division’s sales of CHF 15.5 million (prior year: CHF 20.0 million) were in line with expectations.

In light of the Group’s strategic realignment and the focusing on plasma control and x-ray technology, the Board of Directors decided in summer 2019 to evaluate the strategic options for the ebeam business. Various possibilities were analyzed and discussions held with potential partners.

The completion of this process is expected in the course of 2020. Until then, the ongoing production for customers is safeguarded thanks to the timely retention of key personnel. Comet believes that no unplanned special charges against 2020 earnings will arise in connection with this strategic decision.

Key financials of ebeam Technologies at a glance