Performance in 2017

The Comet Group delivers further record results and gets ready for the future.

To Our Shareholders

With the additional levers of digitalization, diversification, agility/speed, and go-to-market, and with the corresponding projects, we will be fully able to exploit future opportunities.

Strong global presence

In 2017 the Comet Group boosted its sales in all regions.

Sales growth in all segments

All regions and business segments participated in the sales growth of 32%.

PCT Plasma Control Technologies

The lasting high demand in the semiconductor market brought another record year for Plasma Control Technologies (PCT).

IXS X-Ray Systems

IXS further expanded its market position in the two most important sectors, automotive and electronics, and grew its sales on a broad base.

IXM Industrial X-Ray Modules

With growth in all markets and regions and a vigorous surge in its security inspection business, sales of the IXM segment rose by 13%.

EBT ebeam Technologies

EBT continued in 2017 to develop its business and was able to increase sales by 75%.